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"Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms"  1 Peter 4:10.

With a passion for supporting local artists and a desire to unite creative Christian communities, founders, Kempton Bryan and Rod Shreckengost, brought Worship Factory to life in 2010.  They were moved by the deep fragmentation they saw in the Christian community, which is evident by the segregation of congregations on Sunday mornings in churches nationwide and were determined to challenge this culture of division within the body of Christ. Fragmentation has caused many artists, regardless of their medium, to feel increasingly isolated, over-looked and underappreciated. Because of this, Rod & Kempton’s hearts were burdened to bring the creative body of Christ together in order to support one another in pursuing God’s plans for our lives, individually and as a unit. This collective effort is called Worship Factory.

Overall, Worship Factory encourages Christian creatives to strengthen their skills and experiment with their gifts so they can ultimately honor God and follow the calling He has placed on their lives. Based in Southern California, it acts as a resource for Christian artists, including musicians, singers, painters, photographers, graphic designers, and so on.  We encourage, support and foster fellowship among artists of all mediums and denominations to help them find fulfillment in using their gifts and talents to serve and worship God. 

the story of Worship Factory

Worship Factory began with a providential meeting of Kempton and Rod, the founders. These two came from two very different backgrounds but somehow their paths crossed in June of 2010.

Kempton had a world of experience in the entertainment industry and had been involved in music and worship through the years. But in his heart he held a vision for worship ministry and he hoped to be able to see the body of Christ unified in support of artists and creativity in the church. Rod had been a worship leader and musician working in several different churches. His industry experience was in construction but his heart’s desire was to see worship ministry expanded to include the creative arts.

The chance meeting came at the worship team try outs at their church. The circumstances that led Kempton and Rod to be there were the result of both of them following what they felt was direction from God which required them taking some steps of faith. Kempton felt led to check out Real Life Church through a series of circumstances. He was seeking a place where his heart and life’s mission could be realized. Rod felt led to leave his church where he had been the worship director not knowing where that would take him. Having a connection to the people of Real Life Church, he went there to check it out. When Kempton and Rod met at the worship team try outs, their casual conversation turned to talking about their experiences and what they wanted to see happen in the world of worship and creative ministries.

A connection began to develop as they shared their heart for what God was doing and speaking about worship and the creative arts. During the next several conversations they began to realize how parallel their visions were and that God may be calling them to work together to do something very unique in the Christian creative community – to get people connected.

They wanted to get artists and creative people to connect beyond the borders of the local church and across the lines of division in the body of Christ. That’s when the vision of Worship Factory was born.

The conversations between Kempton and Rod turned into prayerfully made plans and with some advice and help from trusted friends they began to mold a vision into a reality. They saw the need for a website where people could connect and then that website could become a network hub to sponsor new ideas and creativity. That way people could share resources that weren’t restricted to the local church. They saw that with these connections and the Christian creatives working together there was a potential for Christian creatives to be the leaders in the arts, in entertainment and in industry. They saw the disconnection and isolation of the creative person to be the primary thing holding Christian creatives back. The vision for Worship Factory included finding ways to help people find each other, to let people share talents and resources, to allow them to prosper each others gifts and creative abilities and to facilitate creative people encouraging each other in their art and in life. The vision became a reality when the Worship Factory website rolled out and went live on April 30th, 2011.

Worship Factory is the culmination of the vision of Kempton and Rod but it’s made possible because of the invaluable assistance and support of a team of people who believe in the mission and vision of Worship Factory and who share the calling of God to work together in this venture. The story of Worship Factory should be an example of how God can bring things together and make things happen as long as we follow Him and allow Him to do amazing things.

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Getting connected and networking is vital for artists and creative types. We need to connect in order to support each other, to learn, to share resources and to communicate. 

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Mission Statement

Worship Factory was created to help artists and organizations bridge the gaps that exist in the Christian creative community. We are committed to:

  • Connecting artists with their creativity and talent in order to find fulfillment,
  • Connecting artists and creative people around the world with each other in order to provide support, to collaborate and to encourage advancement as artists, as people and as Christians,    
  • Connecting artists with opportunities to express their creativity through their art,
  • Connecting churches and Christian organizations with the creative community and thereby reigniting the heritage of Christian creativity, and
  • Connecting people with their Creator who we believe to be the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christ.


We support the creative Christian community in several ways…
  • By creating and maintaining relationships with individual artists across the nation with a heart for worship and with church leaders, staff and members of their congregations
  • By offering seminars and workshops focusing on various creative topics both online and in local churches facilitated by experienced writers, speakers, artists and educators
  • By providing networking and mentoring opportunities in order to connect those who are called to teach with those who desire guidance from a creative leader
  • By providing artists with the tools to connect both locally and online in order to help them create, develop, sell, advertise and share their creative work and product
  • By assisting congregations in meeting creative needs, such as worship team support, organizing art programs, scheduling credible speakers, etc.
  • By offering local opportunities for artists to express themselves and share their gifts and talents.